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Classical Studies Library Guide: Home

a Library guide for Classics students

Online reference materials

Good Classics sites on the WWW:

  • Perseus digital library is a vast and ever-expanding encyclopaedia of the classical world, which publishes texts (in both the original languages and in translation), images, essays, dictionaries and more besides.

  • Livius offers articles on ancient history and archaeology as well as a library of images of ancient sites.

  • LacusCurtius: into the Roman world is a website which hosts much which will be of interest to the student of Roman archaeology, history or culture, including: Latin texts; an extensive library of annotated images of Roman archaeological sites; and the texts of a range of relevant secondary source material such as dictionaries of Roman antiquities.

  • Encyclopaedia Romana features short narrative essays on topics relating to the ancient Roman world; an alphabetical index allows you to find information on the specific subject in which you are interested. The articles here are often accompanied by bibliographies for further reading.

  • Encyclopedia of the Hellenic world is an extensive (and growing) series of detailed articles on aspects of the history, geography and culture of the ancient Greek world.

    Internet for Classics, a free online tutorial to help university students develop their Internet research skills.
    Learn how to make discerning use of the Internet to help find information for your coursework and assignments.

    Created by Dr Emma Bridges, Open University

Help in using Aleph


The UCT Libraries' Catalogue helps you to find what is in the Library and where it is located or shelved.

It will give you:

·     descriptions of books, journals, videos and dvds, maps, and other types of information sources

·     the shelf number or shelf mark, e.g. 937 OXF, which is the book’s 'address' on the Library shelves

·     the location of an item that is kept in a special place, e.g.  the Short Loans Centre

·     whether a book (a journal part, video, etc) can be borrowed,

·     whether an item is out on loan, or on the Library shelf.

You can search for books by :

·     author, e.g. Cicero

·     title, e.g. De finibus bonorum et malorum

·     keyword(s), e.g. cicero biography

·     subject term(s), e.g. Cicero, Marcus Tullius - Criticism and interpretation

·     a combination of the above, e.g. cicero officiis

and for journals by

·      journal title or name, e.g. Greece & Rome.

There is also a link on the Library home page

Mouse over Search & Find and select Catalogue.

Where are your books?


 Where are your books?


The literature books are kept down a spiral staircase on level 3 of the Main library with (shelf numbers in 800s) and the history books are kept on level 6 (with shelf numbers in the 900s).

There is also a separate shelf sequence for the Loeb Classical Library on level 3, red spines for Roman and green spines for Greek.


Your language books, in the 400s, will be on the level above the main entrance.

Your philosophy, religion and mythology books will be in the 100s and 200s, on level 5 of the Main Library.


The major shelf numbers for your subject are:


180 Ancient, medieval & eastern philosophy

182 Pre-Socratic Greek philosophies

183 Socratic & related philosophies

184 Platonic philosophy

185 Aristotelian philosophy

186 Skeptic & Neoplatonic philosophies

187 Epicurean philosophy

188 Stoic philosophy

189 Medieval western philosophy


292 Greek & Roman religion


470 Italic languages; Latin

471 Classical Latin writing & phonology

472 Classical Latin etymology

473 Classical Latin dictionaries

475 Classical Latin grammar

477 Old, postclassical & Vulgar Latin

478 Classical Latin usage

479 Other Italic languages


480 Hellenic languages; classical Greek

481 Classical Greek writing & phonology

482 Classical Greek etymology

483 Classical Greek dictionaries

485 Classical Greek grammar

487 Preclassical & postclassical Greek

488 Classical Greek usage

489 Other Hellenic languages


870 Italic literatures; Latin literature

871 Latin poetry

872 Latin dramatic poetry & drama

873 Latin epic poetry & fiction

874 Latin lyric poetry

875 Latin speeches

876 Latin letters

877 Latin humour & satire

878 Latin miscellaneous writings

879 Literatures of other Italic languages


880 Hellenic literatures; classical Greek

881 Classical Greek poetry

882 Classical Greek dramatic poetry & drama

883 Classical Greek epic poetry & fiction

884 Classical Greek lyric poetry

885 Classical Greek speeches

886 Classical Greek letters

887 Classical Greek humour & satire

888 Classical Greek miscellaneous writings


930 History of ancient world to ca. 499

931 China to 420

932 Egypt to 640

933 Palestine to 70

934 India to 647

935 Mesopotamia & Iranian Plateau to 637

936 Europe north & west of Italy to ca. 499

937 Italy & adjacent territories to 476

938 Greece to 323

939 Other parts of ancient world to ca. 640

940 History of Europe


Short Loans

The Short Loans Centre is on Level 4 of the Chancellor Oppenheimer Library.

Many books and photocopied readings essential to your courses have been placed there by lecturers.

You will need to give the staff both the title and shelf number of the book you want.

Short Loan material is issued for 1 or 3 hours only.

You must return Short Loan material to the Short Loans Centre.

Some Useful Printed Reference books


The Oxford companion to classical literature /

   R 880.03 OXFO

The reception of myth and mythology /

   R 913.003 PAUL

Dictionary of Greek and Latin authors and texts /

   R 913.003 PAUL

A Greek-English lexicon of the Septuagint /

   R 221.4803 MURA

The encyclopedia of ancient natural scientists

   R 509.2 ENCY

Brill’s New Pauly

   R 913.003 PAUL

The Cambridge dictionary of classical civilization /

   R 938.003 CAMB

Sex in the ancient world from A to Z /

   R 392.609 YOUN

The Oxford dictionary of classical myth and religion /

   R 292.003 OXFO

The Facts On File dictionary of classical and biblical allusions /

   R 803 FACT

Dictionary of bibliographic abbreviations found in the scholarship of classical studies and related disciplines /

   R 480.031 WELL

Who’s who in the classical world /

   R 920.038 WHOS

Ancient Greece and Rome

   R 938.003 ANCI

Encyclopedia of classical philosophy /

   R 180.3 ENCY

The Oxford classical dictionary /

   R 938.003 OXFO

Who’s who in classical mythology /

   R 292.1303 GRAN

Women of classical mythology

   R 292.1303 BELL

The Penquin dictionary of classical mythology /

 R 292.1303 GRIM

The Oxford companion to classical literature.

   R 880.03 OXFO

Room’s Classical dictionary

   R 292.1303 ROOM

Greek and Latin authors, 800 B.C.-A.D. 1000 /

   R 880.03 GRAN

Who’s who in classical mythology /

   R 292.1303 GRAN

Who’s who in the ancient world

   R 920.03 RADI