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Economic History: Industries in the 1920s and 1930s: Government Resources: Library Guide: Wine industry

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G 68 FLA 1924   South Africa. Wine and Spirits Control Act 5 of 1924

G 68 FLA 1928   South Africa. Wine and Spirits Control Amendment Act 17 of 1928

Commission and Committee reports

G 68 EUG 25/1937
South Africa. Wine Commission.
   Report of the Wine Commission. --    Pretoria, Government Printer, 1937.
   107 p. ; 33 cm. ( U.G. ; No. 25, '37. )

G 68 ESC 3/1924   South Africa. Parliament. House of Assembly. Select Committee on the Wines and Spirit Control Act

In Library of Parliament:

South Africa. Committee to Enqire into the Wine Trade (Export). Report of the Committee to Enqire into the Wine Trade (Export) (Annexure 111-1929)

Journal articles

G 68 E.INDU.36.INDU    Ko-operatieve Wijnbouwers Vereniging van Zuid-Afrika. The viticultural industry of South Africa. Industrial development in South Africa and facilities for the establishment of factories, 1910-1935, pages 181-194

G 68 K.COMM South Africa wines and brandies: marketing of these products in the United States, page 28 In: Official journal of the Department of Commerce and Industries, Vol. I, no. 7 (Jan. 1939)

Anderssen, F. G. The South African export fruit industry : deciduous fruits, citrus, and dried fruits in general. VII, Our wine export trade : development and prospects. Farming in South Africa, Vol. VIII, No. 83 (Feb. 1933), p. 75-76, 82. G 68 K.FARM