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Natural Resource Economics: Government Resources: Library Guide: Accounting

A guide to government information for Natural Resource Economics students.


Eurostat. Environmental statistics and accounts

Eurostat is the the statistical office of the European Union.

London Group on Environmental Accounting

"a city group created in 1993 to allow practitioners to share their experience of developing and implementing environmental accounts linked to the System of National Accounts."

United Nations Committee of Experts on Environmental-Economic Accounting (UNCEEA)

Established by the UN Statistical Commission in 2005. It has the "following three broad objectives: Mainstream environmental-economic accounts and related statistics, Elevate the System of Environmental-Economic Accounts (SEEA) to an international statistical standard, Advance the implementation of the SEEA in countries."

United Nations Statistics Division Environmental-Economic Accounts

"Environmental-economic accounts provide the conceptual framework for integrated statistics on the environment and its relationship with the economy, including the impacts of the economy on the environment and the contribution of the environment to the economy."

United Nations System of Environmental-Economic Accounting (SEEA)

"the internationally agreed standard concepts, definitions, classifications, accounting rules and tables for producing internationally comparable statistics on the environment and its relationship with the economy."

Wealth Accounting and the Valuation of Ecosystem Services (WAVES) 

"WAVES is a World Bank-led global partnership that aims to promote sustainable development by ensuring that natural resources are mainstreamed in development planning and national economic accounts."


Online resources

United Nations Environment Programme. Green Accounting; a Virtual Resource Centre

United Nations Statistics Division. Searchable library of publications on environmental-economic accounting

"The library covers both methodological publications, as well as national practices related to environmental-economic accounting, published by international agencies, national statistical offices, academia and NGOs."


United Nations Statistics Division. System of Environmental-Economic Accounting for Energy (SEEA-Energy)

United Nations Statistics Division. International Recommendations for Energy Statistics (IRES). New York : United Nations, 2011.

Country reports

United Kingdom. Office for National Statistics. Environmental accounts


Russi, D. and ten Brink, P. (2013). Natural capital accounting and water quality: commitments, benefits, needs and progress. A Briefing note. Geneva: The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity (TEEB)

United Nations Statistics Division. System of Environmental-Economic Accounting for Water (SEEA-Water)

G 494 E.UNDE.12.SYST   System of environmental-economic accounting for water / Department of Economic and Social Affairs, Statistics Division. --    New York : United Nations, 2012.

Land and Ecosystems

United Nations Statistics Division. Land and Ecosystems Accounting