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Youth: Government Resources: Library Guide: Botswana

A guide to sources of government and international governmental organisations on youth issues.


G 6873 E.HEAL.10.FACT
National AIDS Co-ordinating Agency (Botswana), issuing body.
   Factsheet on statistical data of young people (10-29 yrs) on HIV and AIDS and sexual reproductive health in Botswana. National AIDS Coordinating Agency, Ministry of Youth, Sport and Culture --    Gaborone : National AIDS Coordinating Agency, 2010
   32 pages : illustrations are in colour, colour charts ; 15 cm.


G 6873 E.YOUT.10.REVI   Botswana. Ministry of Youth, Sport, and Culture.    Revised national youth policy, 2010.    [Gaborone] :   Ministry of Youth, Sport and Culture,   2010.

Ministry of Youth, Sport and Culture. National action plan for youth, 2010-2016

G 6873 E.HEAL.03.ADOL
   Adolescent sexual & reproductive health implementation strategy / Republic of Botswana, Ministry of Health. --    [Gaborone?] : Family Health Division, Ministry of Health, 2003.
   47 p. : ill. ; 30 cm.


G 6873 E.CULT.96.NATI
   National youth policy / Republic of Botswana, Ministry of Labour and Home Affairs. --    [Gaborone] : The Ministry, Dept. of Culture and Social Welfare, [1996].
   34 p. ; 30 cm.


Employment Cap. 47:01. Part XI. Employment of Children and Young Persons

Definition: "young person" means a person who has attained the age of 15 years but is under the age of 18 years.