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Religious Studies Library Guide

Shelf Numbers for Books

The main shelf numbers for Religious Studies books are:

016.2 Bibliographies

130 Occultism

210 Philosophy and theory of religion

220 Bible

221 Old Testament

225 New Testament

230 Christianity

240 Christianity moral and devotional theology

250 Local Christian church and Christian religious orders

260 Christian social and ecclesiastical theology

270 Church history

280 Denominations and sects of Christian church

290 Comparative religion and religions

291 Comparative religion

292 Religions other than Christianity

293 Germanic religion

294 Religions of Indic origin

294.3 Buddhism

294.5 Hinduism

295 Zoroastrianism

296 Judaism

297 Islam

299 Other Religions

299.6 African Religion

306.6 Religious Institutions

You might also be interested in books which are housed in the Jewish Studies Library. These have the prefix EJ in fron of their shelf numbers.


Religious Studies Guide

The Basics of Survival

Religious Studies Books

The Religious Studies books are located on Level 5 in the Chancellor Oppenheimer Library.

Religious Studies books are given shelf numbers according to the Dewey Decimal System - these shelf numbers keep related books together by subject. You can follow the numbers like a street address to find a family of related books all together on the shelf.

There is a list of the main shelf numbers for Religious Studies in the left-hand column.

Religious Studies Journals

Journals are published every few weeks or months. They are academic magazines that contain articles on different topics. Journals are important for finding very up-to-date information, or very specific information on narrow topics. The great thing about journals nowadays is that so many of them are available electronically as well as in print. Printed Journals

The latest unbound journals are kept on level 5. The bound copies since 1965 are located in the basement. Pre-1965 journals are kept in an off-campus store and can be requested from the Loans Desk.

Electronic Journals

Many of our journals can also be found full text in electronic format on our databases. These databases contain thousands of journals, all searchable by keywords, like chunk of google.

Most of the journals are full text nowadays. In some cases, though, the databases may just give a reference to the journal article, rather than the whole thing. This will tell you which year and volume and pages of a particular print journal to look at to find the article.

You can get to our databases from and mousing over Search & Find and selecting Databases.

Databases for your subject

The main database of specific interest to Religious Studies is the ATLA Religion DB + ATLAS 1949+

You might also be interested in the African Christianity Bibliography. The African Christianity Project CD-ROM was published in December 1998. It contains an author listing of over 10,000 records from the African Christianity Bibliography together with the full text of more than 200 documents selected from archive and unpublished material held in the link institutions. This CD is available from a stand-alone workstation in the African Studies Library. These are some other very popular databases which might interest you:

· Academic Search Premier - via EBSCOhost (Full Text)

· Academic OneFile

· JSTOR & Project Muse Premium Collection

· SA ePublications

· Africa-Wide: NiPAD - via EBSCOhost

· Humanities International Complete - via EBSCOhost

· SocINDEX with Full Text - via EBSCOhost

· ScienceDirect (Full Text)

· Contemporary Women's Issues

· PsycINFO - via EBSCOhost

· Communication and Mass Media Complete - via EBSCOhost

· Philosopher's Index - via EBSCOhost

· Social Sciences Citation Index (SSCI) via Web of Science

· Arts & Humanities Citation Index (A&HCI) on Web of Science

Religious Studies Journals

 Although most of our journals are electronic nowadays, you may still find yourself needing a printed journal.

These are some of our print journals in Religious Studies.

· Arabica 492.705 ARA

· Catholic Bible Quarterly 220.05 CAT

· Commentary (American Jewish Committee) 296.05 COM

· Concilium 205 CON

· First Things 291.1705 FIR

· Harvard Theological Review 230.5 HAV

· History of Religions 200.5 HIS

· Islam and Christian Muslim Relations 297.19720 ISL

· Islamic Law and Society 297.905 ISL

· Islamic Quarterly 297.05 ISL

· Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 200.5 JOU

· Journal for the Study of Religion 200.5 REL

· Journal of Biblical Literature 220.5 JOU

· Journal of Black Theology in South Africa 230.05 JOU

· Journal of Contemporary Religion 291.05 JOU

· Journal of Feminist Studies in Religion 291.1705 JOU

· Journal of Law and Religion 340.05 JOU

· Journal of Religion 200.5 JOU

· Journal of Religion in Africa 205 JOU

· Journal of Religious Ethics 291.505 JOU

· Journal of Religious Thought 200.5 JOU

· Journal of the American Academy of Religion 205 AME

· Journal of Theological Studies 230.5 JOU

· Modern Theology 200 MOD

· Muslim World 297.05 MUS

· Neotestamentica 225.05 NEO

· New Testament Abstracts R 225.05 NEW

· New Testament Studies 225.05 NEW

· Numen 205 NUM

· Religion 205 REL

· Religion and American Culture 306.605 REL

· Religion and Literature 809.05 REL

· Religious Studies 200.5 REL

· Religious Studies Review 205 REL

· Scriptura 220.05 SCR

· Semeia 220.605 SEM

· Signs 305.405 SIG

· Sociology of Religion 306.605 SOC

· Soundings 001.305 SOU

· Studia Islamica 297.05 STU

· Theology Today 205 THE

· Welt des Islams 297.05 WEL