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How to find information - a guide for Accounting and Auditing students

Accounting and Auditing

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This guide is intended to assist students to aquire life-long learning skills so that they are enabled to use library resources easily and without difficulties.

Use this guide to explore resources relating to Accounting and Auditing. There are separate tabs for print books and theses, databases, as well as some suggestions for helpful web resources.

If you are having problems finding suitable information or just need help getting started please contact me either by phone or email.

Courses in Accounting

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Course Code Course Title View Info
ACC1006FS Financial Accounting View Info
ACC1012S Business Accounting View Info
ACC2011S Financial Reporting I View Info
ACC2012W Financial Reporting II View Info
ACC2018S Corporate Governance I View Info
ACC2022FS Management Accounting I View Info
ACC2023FS Taxation I View Info
ACC2111S Financial Reporting 1 View Info
ACC2112W Financial Reporting II (EDU) View Info
ACC3004H Taxation II View Info
ACC3009W Financial Reporting III View Info
ACC3020W Corporate Reporting View Info
ACC3022H Corporate Governance II View Info
ACC3023S Management Accounting II View Info
ACC3500W Financial Reporting Conversion View Info
ACC3501W Managerial Accounting And Finance Conversion View Info
ACC3502H Corporate Governance Conversion View Info
ACC3503H Taxation Conversion View Info
ACC4000H Business Analysis & Governance View Info
ACC4002H Taxation III View Info
ACC4020W Managerial Accounting and Finance II View Info
ACC4023W Financial Reporting IV View Info
ACC4025H Corporate Governance III View Info
ACC4036W Public Financial Management View Info
ACC4037W Public Sector Financial Reporting View Info
ACC4038H Public Sector Structures & Functions View Info
ACC4039H Public Sector Audit and Governance View Info
ACC4505H Business Analysis And Governance Conversion View Info

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