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Organisational Psychology Library Guide: Research Guide

A guide to resources for Organisational Psychology.

How the library can help you

Whether you are a master’s student, a doctoral student, or an academic writing an article, throughout the research process UCT Libraries provides resources for assistance. Here are some of the ways that UCT Libraries can help you in your research journey.

  1. Selecting a topic

The library provides access to information on past and current research projects. By looking at these projects, you can gain a better idea of what you should write on. Click here to see a list of recommended database that you can use.

  1. Finding literature

When looking for literature, library catalogues are a good place to start. Click here to search UCT Libraries catalogue. To access the international catalogue WorldCat, click here. WorldCat allows you to search online library catalogues from all over the world. This means that you can find books that could assist your reaseach, might not be held by UCT Libraries.

You can also look for journal articles. Click here to see a list of recommended databases that you can use to find journal articles.

If you find an interesting article or book that UCT Libraries does not have you can request it through Inter-Library Loans. You can find them near the Infomation Desk in the Main Library. They offer an electronic request system. Find out more here.

When you do your literature search, UCT Libraries provides access to the referencing tool RefWorks and Endnote. These systems are online research management, writing and collaboration tool. Ther are designed to help researchers easily gather, manage, store and share all types of information, as well as generate citations and bibliographies.

  1. Finding data

UCT Libraries subscribes to a number of databases that offer data. Click here to see the recommended list. If you are unable to find the data that you need, contact your librarian for expert assistance.

  1. Writing up

While no-one can do the final write-up for you, UCT Libraries can make it a more pleasant experience. The Research Commons, a facility for masters students, PhD students and staff, provides the ideal environment to do your final work. Facilities include a silent study area, better bandwidth, comfy couches, and free coffee. Find out more about The Research Commons here.

Endnote and RefWorks can assist you with your referencing. Contact your librarian if you need assistance.

  1. Final touches

In making sure that your document is formatted 100% correctly, the Research Commons can assist you in the document layout. For final editing, contact the Writing Centre.