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Introducing first-year students to UCT Libraries' online catalogue, ALEPH.

What is ALEPH?

  • ALEPH is the Libraries' online catalogue ... where you will find a list of all the books, journals, reports, theses, maps, videos, DVDs, CD-ROMs, and other items in UCT Libraries.  

    ALEPH is your key to finding books and other materials in the Libraries.


  • To help you decide which books are most suitable for your needs, ALEPH provides a detailed description of each  book.  It also tells you where to find the books in the Libraries.


  • ALEPH is on the web ... so you can access it from any computer connected to the Internet.  

  • To access ALELPH, simply go to the UCT Libraries web site  ( and in the Search & Find menu, click on Catalogue (ALEPH).



Browse or Search

  • ALEPH always opens at the basic search screen, which allows you to search for books on a particular topic, or by a specific author.  ALEPH actually has two functions for finding books: Browse and Search.  


  • By browsing or searching in ALEPH you can find information about all the books and other items in the Libraries.

In a nutshell ...

1.  ALEPH is your online catalogue.

    It tells you:

  • What books we have in the Libraries;
  • Where you will find those books in the Libraries;
  • Detailed information about each book.

2.  Access ALEPH via the Libraries'
     web site:

3.   Use Search or Browse to find