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Niven Library - FitzPatrick Institute of African Ornithology Library Guide: Publishing your Research

The library supports a number of themes - African ornithology, conservation biology, Antarctic and sub-antarctic biology, specifically birds.

Funding available at UCT for Postgraduate Students

Postgraduate students in the Science Faculty can apply for funding through the Postgraduate Publication Incentive (PPI) Grants to enable them to write up articles for publication from recently submitted Honours, Masters or PhD theses. Applications may be made four times a year - January, April, July, October.

Postgraduate students are encouraged to publish in peer-reviewed journals which are approved by the DHET (Department of Higher Education and Training). There are two categories of approved journals - those published in South African and those published internationally which appear on the Thomson Reuters Science Citation Index list. This integrated list of approved journals will assist you in the selection of journals in which to publish.

BioMed Central Open Access Journals

Visit the BioMed Central web page for more information about publishing in this suite of journals.



Publishing your research Open Access

The UCT Open Access Journal Publication Fund (OAJPF) has been established to support UCT researchers with the publication of their research output in open access journals. The Fund is intended to contribute to Article Processing Charges (APCs) for submissions accepted for publication in open access journals or in hybrid journals that have an open access option.

Open access scholarly publishing will enhance the strength, visibility, accessibility and discoverability of UCT's scholarly output. UCT supports open access scholarly publishing as it offers the potential for democratic access to research knowledge, opening up scholarly content to a much wider range of readers and stakeholders in both the public and private sectors.

 The Library is managing the APC fund (author process charge). This is a fund created to support authors pay page fees. The process is automated and the guidelines are in the application process. Here is the link


Article processing-charges

UCT's URC funding will cover the costs (fully or partially) of publishing papers in accredited journals or the publication of books which may earn DHET subsidy.

In addition, UCT is a Shared Support Member institution of BioMed Central, Chemistry Central and SpringerOpen journals.  In order to be eligible for a 57.5% discount on article-processing charges, UCT authors whould submit their article from a recognised UCT IP Address.

If the UCT author is submitting outside the UCT IP address, a statement should be made that they are submitting from a Shared Support Member institution (University of Cape Town) in order to benefit from the 57.5% discount.

For more information visit the URC Funding page costs site at the Research Office.