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Evidence-Based Medicine Library Guide: Theses, conferences, grey literature

Finding the Evidence in the Practice of Evidence-Based Healthcare

Finding theses

Masters and doctoral theses at UCT can be found via the Library Catalogue (Aleph) or via OpenUCT.

Printed theses from other universities can be obtained on inter-library loan.

Finding conference proceedings

Papers from conferences are sometimes collected and published in book form or in academic  journals (often in supplements). Often you will be able to locate an abstract of a conference but not the full paper - simply because the full paper has not been published. Contacting the authors or even the organization is one way of tracking down a conference paper.

Finding grey literature

The term grey literature refers to research that is either unpublished or  has been published in non-commercial form. It can include conference papers, theses, government reports, policy statements, working papers, etc.