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Social Anthropology Library Guide: Databases & Journals for Anthropology

Social Anthropology Library Guide

Anthropology Journals

Although most of our journals are electronic nowadays, you may still find yourself needing a printed journal.

Here are some printed journals of interest to Anthropologists, with shelf numbers and locations:

1.   African Anthropologist [BA 301.09205 AF] AFRICAN STUDIES   


2.   African Archaeological Review [BA 913.605 AFR] AFRICAN STUDIES 


3.   American Anthropologist [572.05 AME] Main Library  


4.   American Ethnologist [572.05 AME] Main Library


5.   American Journal of Archaeology [913.305 AME] Main Library 


6.   American Journal of Physical Anthropology [M 611.05 AME] HEALTH SCIENCES     


7.   Ancient Society [930.05 ANC] Main Library 


8.   Annual Review of Anthropology [572.05 ANN] Main Library 


9.   Anthropological Linguistics [405 ANT] Main Library   


10. Anthropological Papers of the American Museum of Natural History [572.05 AME] Main Library


11. Anthropological Quarterly [572.05 ANT] Main Library


12. Anthropological Theory [306.05 ANT] Main Library


13. Anthropology and Humanism Quarterly [301.05 ANT] Main Library 


14. Anthropology Southern Africa [572.05 SOU] Main Library 


15. Anthropology Today [572.05 ROY] Main Library 


16. Cambridge Archaeological Journal [913.05 CAM] Main Library


17. Critique of Anthropology [572.05 CRI] Main Library


18. Cultural Anthropology [306.05 CUL] Main Library


19. Current Anthropology [572.05 CUR] Main Library


20. Ethnic and Racial Studies [572.05 ETH] Main Library 


21. Evolutionary Anthropology [599.93805 EVO] Main Library 


22. Family Process [301.4205 FAM] Main Library


23. Gender Place and Culture [305.4205 GEN] Main Library


24. History and Anthropology [306.05 HIS] Main Library


25. International Journal of Anthropology [M 611.05 INT] HEALTH SCIENCES     


26. Journal of African Archaeology [913.605 JOU] Main Library


27. Journal of Cultural Studies [BA 306.9605 JOU] AFRICAN STUDIES 


28. Journal of Social and Personal Relationships [302.05 JOU] Main Library


29. Journal of Social Archaeology [913.03105 JOU] Main Library


30. Journal of Social Development in Africa [BA 303.4405 JOU] AFRICAN STUDIES     


31. Journal of Social History [905 JOU] Main Library  


32. Journal of Social Political and Economic Studies [320.05 JOU] Main Library


33. Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute - Incorporating Man [572.05 MAN] Main Library


34. Journal of World Prehistory [913.03105 JOU] Main Library


35. Law and Anthropology [DH 342.087305 LAW] LAW


36. Medical Anthropology [573.05 MED] Main Library 


37. Medical Anthropology Quarterly [573.05 MED] Main Library


38. Physical Anthropology - Annual Editions [599.905 PHY] Main Library


39. Reviews in Anthropology [572.05 REV] Main Library


40. Social Anthropology [306.05 SOC] Main Library


41. Society in Transition [301.05 SOU] Main Library


42. South African Archaeological Bulletin [913.605 SOU] Main Library 


43. Urban Anthropology and Studies of Cultural Systems and World Econ. Devel. [301.05 URB] Main Library


44. Visual Anthropology [572.05 VIS] Main Library   


45. World Archaeology [913.05 WOR] Main Library












Social Anthropology Databases

Databases collectorganise and index information from journals, books, book chapters, theses, dissertations, magazines, newspapers and other sources. You can access Databases A-Z.


Anthropological Index Online 


- Academic Search Premier - via EBSCOhost (Full Text)

- AfricaWide

- EconLit

- Humanities International Complete

- PsychInfo

- SocIndex

Academic OneFile


Project Muse Premium Collection 

Sabinet African Journals (Previously SA ePublications) 


National ETD Portal South Africa: South African theses and Dissertations