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Entrepreneurship Library Guide: Off Campus Access

What is Off-campus Login

Many online resources available through the UCT Libraries website are licensed by the university. Off-campus use is restricted to active UCT staff, and students. To access these licensed resources from off-campus, go to Off-campus Login and enter your username (student or staff number) and your password .

"Off-campus" refers to locations outside the UCT campus and buildings. Lecture halls, student housing, and offices are all considered on-campus.

How to use Off-campus login

Using Off-campus login

To be able to search for full-text journal articles or eBooks you need to follow these steps:

1. Go to UCT Libraries website

2. Click on Off-campus login on the top right corner

3. Enter your student/staff number and your password

4. Click on UCT Libraries 

Then you are good to go, you can search e-journals portal or databases for resources that UCT Libraries is subscribed to!

Problems accessing a database or journal article

Login/password prompt, or request for payment

The problem is probably one the following:

  • You've gone straight to the journal's Web site from off-campus without going through the UCT Libraries Web site. Try using the Off-campus login. This will allow you to log in to UCT Libraries and reload the journal Web site through Off-campus login.
  • You've found an online journal (or issue of a journal) to which the UCT Library does NOT subscribe. It is often difficult to discern which journal issues are in the UCT Libraries holdings once you're on the publisher's site.
  • The Library may need to adjust our configuration of Off-campus Login for the particular database or journal site.