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South African Government Policy: Library Guide: Women & Gender

Bibliographic records and links of South African government policies, plans and strategies

Draft policies

Gender policy considerations, June 1997 : draft discussion paper for public consultation. Pretoria: Gender Unit, Department of Justice, 1997. Shelf no. G 68 E.JUST.97.GEND

City of Cape Town. Women’s empowerment and gender equality : a draft policy discussion document for the City of Cape Town. [Cape Town : City of Cape Town, 2004?]

Economic empowerment

Executive summary : draft strategic framework on gender and women’s economic empowerment. Pretoria?: Department of Trade and Industry, 2006. Shelf no. G 68 E.INDU.06.EXEC


South Africa’s national policy framework for women’s empowerment and gender equality. Pretoria?: The Office on the Status of Women?, 2001. Shelf no. G 68 E.PRES.01.SOUT

Gender policy statement : balancing the scales of justice through gender equality. 2nd ed. Pretoria: Directorate Publications for the Chief Directorate: Transfromation Equity, Dept. of Justice, 1999. Shelf no. G 68 E.JUST.99.GEND


South Africa. Department of Environmental Affairs. Strategy toward gender mainstreaming in the environment sector 2016 – 2021. Pretoria : Department of Environmental Affairs, 2016.

South Africa. Department of Environmental Affairs. Environment sector framework for women empowerment and gender equality : first draft. Pretoria : Department of Environmental Affairs, December 2013.


South Africa. Department of Women, Children and Persons with Disabilities. Sanitary dignitary framework. June 2019.

Gender-responsive planning

South Africa. Department of Women, Youth and Persons with Disabilities. Framework on gender-responsive planning, budgeting, monitoring, evaluation and auditing. Pretoria: Department of Women, Youth and Persons with Disabilities, December 2018.

Public service

A strategic framework for gender equality within the public service (2006-2015) : consultation document. Pretoria?: Department of Public Service and Administration, 2006. Shelf no. G 68 E.PUBL.06.STRA