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Poverty in South Africa: Government Resources: Library Guide: Poverty measurement


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Official poverty measurement

Statistics South Africa. National poverty lines, 2018, 2019 Pretoria: Statistics South Africa. (Statistical release P0310.1)

"According to the National Planning Commission ... South Africa does not have a single official poverty line. The Government uses R2 a day or R524 a month per person (in 2008 prices) as an unofficial guide." Source: South Africa survey, 2013, page 343. Shelf no.GR 323.16805 SURV

Statistics South Africa currently uses the Food Poverty Line (FPL), the Lower-Bound Poverty Line (LBPL) and the Upper-Bound Poverty Line (UBPL). See the South Africa Survey, 2018, pages 486-491. Shelf no. GR 323.16805 SURV



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