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Researching & Writing a Scholarly Paper for Law Library Guide: Microsoft tips and tricks

This guide combines guidelines for researching and writing scholarly papers, with a specific focus on legal writing.


If you are using Microsoft Word, make use of the built in tools that will help you.

These tools include the following:

  • Inserting page numbers, and differentiating between different pages (such as (i), (ii), 1, 2)
  • Using the table of contents generator to automatically create a table of contents and designate headings
  • Inserting footnotes and cross-referencing

Inserting page numbers

Table of contents

Insert Footnotes and cross-reference

In Microsoft Word, go to the 'References' tab. At the end of the sentence / word you wish to reference, simply click on "Insert Footnote" and then type you reference.

To cross-reference, use the 'cross-reference' tool in the captions box. When it asks you what you want to cross-reference to - select 'Footnotes' from the options, and then select the footnote you wish to reference.