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Help from the Library for BUS1036 Evidence-Based Management (EBM)


About EBM

This is a course taken by all students in the Commerce Faculty. It is intended to furnish students with the main intellectual skills required in the study and practice of business at all levels. The focus is on the development of critical reasoning skills, including the ability to analyse and construct logical arguments, to research problems, to articulate competing viewpoints and to form independent judgements about contentious issues of policy and practice. The approach of the course is centred on case studies and controversies in areas of special relevance to an understanding of commercial activity and the social and political environment in which it occurs. (from Commerce Faculty Handbook, 2011)

About UCT Libraries

When most people think of a library, they immediately associate it with books. At UCT Libraries we have over a million books. And we have more than just that. UCT Libraries provides access to over 64 000 journals (academic magazines) and a host of data sources. We provide access to information, it does not matter if it is in a book, a journal or another source.

Subject Guide

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