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Hiddingh Hall Library Guide: Journals for the Visual Arts

A guide for Drama, History of Art and Fine Art students

Top journals for the Visual Arts

The following list is sourced from Google Scholar's Top Publications metrics page  (June 2015 - for the 2016 list check here). If you experience difficulties with access from this page please refer to the eJournal portal for online access to the journals.

  1. Art Education
  2. International Journal of Art & Design Education
  3. Studies in Art Education
  4. Leonardo
  5. The Senses and Society
  6. Digital Creativity
  7. The Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism
  8. Museum and Society
  9. International Journal of Education Through Art
  10. October
  11. Third Text
  12. Design and Culture (UCT Libraries does not currently have a subscription to this journal)
  13. Grey Room
  14. History of Photography
  15. Philosophy of Photography
  16. Art History
  17. Museum International
  18. The Art Bulletin
  19. Visual Arts Research
  20. Artforum

Journals with South African and African coverage:

  1. ADA: Architecture Design Art. Johannesburg, from 1989 to 1996. Founded by Jennifer Sorrell (Print format only)
  2. Africa e Mediterraneo 
  3. African Arts
  4. Afriche e Orienti
  5. Africultures 
  6. Afrik'Art. Dakar, from 2005 and associated with the Dakar Biennale.
  7. Afro Magazine, Cape Town. Produced by Daddy Buy Me a Pony.
  8. Art Africa (was Art South Africa) [print journal]
  9. Art nègre. Namur, Belgium. 
  10. Arts d'Afrique Noire, then "Arts Premiers". Arnouville, France.
  11. ArtThrob
  12. Atlantica Revista de Arte y Pensamiento
  13. Black Art. Claremont, USA, from 1976.
  14. Chimurenga
  15. Critical arts 
  16. De Arte 
  17. Drum Magazine (Print Journal) Website:
  18. Image & Text: a journal for design 
  19. NKA: Journal of Contemporary African Art
  20. New Culture: A Review of Contemporary African Arts. Founded by Demas Nwoko, New Culture Studios Ibadan, Nigeria, from 1978.
  21. Revue Noire
  22. Savvy: Art, Contemporary, African
  23. South African Art Times
  24. South African Journal of Art History  
  25. South African Journal of Cultural History 
  26. South African Museums Association Bulletin 
  27. Staffrider (Print journal)
  28. Third Text Africa 
  29. Transitions Magazine : a journal of the Arts, Culture & Society

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