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RefWorks (Legacy) Library Guide: Home

How to use RefWorks. A guide for the UCT community.



RefWorks has launched a new version of RefWorks (RefWorks 3). RefWorks will 'retire' the Write and Cite feature available in the Legacy version by February/March 2018. 


 Sign up for a new account at: RefWorks  or migrate from Legacy to RefWorks 3.


UCT students and staff with existing RefWorks accounts can easily migrate their reference libraries to the New RefWorksFind instructions on how to use the new RefWorks or migrate references from RefWorks Legacy (Transitioning to New RefWorks) to the New Refworks at: 


About RefWorks

You can store and organise your references, and create bibliographies, in the citation styles of your choice, using the reference software package, RefWorks.  UCT has a site licence for RefWorks, and all UCT staff and students may register to use it.  Click here for more information about RefWorks.

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Lifelong access to Alumni

RefWorks announced that their Alumni Program will now be offered as a standard feature of RefWorks, providing lifelong access to users that are alumni of subscribing institutions. As long as an institution subscribes to RefWorks, alumni will have access, allowing them to continue using their personal research databases for future professional and academic endeavors.