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Keeping up to date in Science & Engineering - Library Guide: Home

How to keep up to date in your field: a guide for science and engineering researchers and postgrads


Updatepile of booksYour research proposal has been accepted, you've carried out a really comprehensive literature search, and now you're armed with all the information you need to begin your research.  BUT ... new research is being published all the time.  What if a really important paper were published two weeks after you completed your literature survey?  You can't risk missing important articles once you've completed your literature search ... so it is really important that you KEEP UP TO DATE!


Here's how fast the literature is growing ...

Chemical Abstracts:  Adds 5,000 chemistry references every day.

Biological Abstracts:  Over 350,000 records added annually  … nearly 1000 references per day

Scopus: Approximately 2 million new records are added each year  … about 5,500 references per day

Compendex (Engineering Index): 1,010,258 records in 2011 … about  2,700 references per day

Inspec (Physics, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering): nearly 800,000 records added each year … about 2000 per day

MathSciNet: … Over 100,000 new items are added each year ... about 275 per day


This guide aims to provide you with some tips and techiques for keeping up to date with what is happening in your field.

Keep up to date with research publications

Also see 'How to keep up with the scientific literature' by Elisabeth Pain published in Science AAAS

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