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BIO1004F - Biological Diversity - Library Guide: Access Campbell Biology

This page intends to help in finding resources from UCT Libraries.


Biology: a global approach

eBook readers


  1. Access guide from DowsonEra Database

  1. Access from Kortext

Step 1. Open UCT Libraries website ( and search for the textbook in the provided search box at the library homepage.

Step 2. From the retrieved results, open the 2018 edition.

Picture showing the Primo record of 2018 edition of Biology: a global edition with a link to eBook version through Kortext

Step 3. Click on Kortext in the ‘View Online’ section.

Step 4. In the opened page, search for University of Cape Town and as you type University of Cape Town with a ‘sign in’ option will appear. Select the Sign in link as indicated in the picture.

Kortext dialogue box with searching box for listed institution. As you type University of Cape Town, from the list the UCT link with 'Sign-in' link appears below.


Step 5. Use your staff or student number and your network password to sign in. Then select one of the Yes buttons to continue.

Loging in page where one enters UCT user network credentials to be able to proceed

SAFIRE personal information concent agreement page

Step 6. Access textbook on the next homepage. You can navigate, annotate, bookmark and print 10 pages using the left side bar menus.

Kortext platform with open cover page of Biology: a global approach

Kortext platform showing expanded content page from the left side bar menu


P.S. The platform has a reader app that enables downloading textbooks for offline use. However, due to the size of the Biology: a global approach book, the data and time it requires to download, it is better to access it online.

In order to download and read your textbook offline, you need to have one of the readers

See the slides below for guidance.