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BIO1004S - Biological Diversity - Library Guide: Referencing


This page is intended to help you properly acknowledge the sources of ideas you have incorporated in your essay or assignment. Depending on what your lecturer recommends select a referencing style and acknowledge the sources you have used. 

Referencing Styles OR Conventions

UCT Libraries Referencing Game!

Ref Hack: UCT Libraries Referencing Game!

Instructions: Learn how to reference books, journals, newspaper articles and more correctly in a fun way! Click on two blocks to swop them and put the reference elements in the correct order in the UCT Author-Date referencing style. The blocks shine green when they are in the correct place.

Need more help? Consult the UCT Author-date Reference Guide.

Introduction to referencing your work

Referencing Books

Referencing Newspaper Article

Referencing Journal Article

Referencing Web Page