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A-Z Databases

Find the best library databases for your research.


Off Campus?

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Starting a search

eReference Books are a good place to begin your search and to thoroughly understand the topic you are researching.

Dictionaries provide definitions of unfamiliar terms.
Encyclopedias give explanations and succinct overviews of topics.

New / Trial Databases

The following databases are newly acquired or being evaluated for a future subscription.
FILM PLATFORM was designed to serve as a bridge between the film world and academia. The collection is meticulously curated by film experts and leading academics to showcase meaningful documentaries of social, political and cultural importance by some of the world’s top international filmmakers. Our growing catalogue combine in-depth stories with out-of-the-box storytelling on a broad range of topics. In many cases, the films will be accompanied by a selection of study guides, as well as press kits, articles, and interviews with the filmmakers and their subjects.
Gartner is a leading information technology firm that provides research and analysis services to inform and support decision making in higher education and other industry sectors. Gartner is well known for its "Magic Quadrants" and "Hype Cycles" features.
This respected journal ensures fast access to the most relevant and up-to-date developments in sports medicine and exercise science. The wide range of topics covered in the International Journal of Sports Medicine (IJSM) include:
training & testing
orthopedic & clinical sciences
nutrition & behavioral sciences
physiology & biochemistry
biomechanics & immunology
SciFinderⁿ accelerates research by providing actionable results such as step-by-step synthetic methods and hard to find chemistry in patents. The features of SciFinderⁿ in action includes trend analysis, citation mapping, retrosynthesis planning, and the most advanced chemical relevancy engine available today.

Users can access using their existing SciFinder credentials.

New To SciFinderⁿ? To gain access to the SciFinderⁿ as a new user, register with CAS from a computer on campus using your UCT emails. Please go to the following address on the web and register:
Once you verify your email, you'll be ready to access SciFinder-n.
Note that if an account is idle for 18 months or more, access will be deactivated. To restore access, please contact
Sustainable Development Goals Online is a multimedia collection of
academic resources that will help you integrate sustainability into your

Terms of Use

The subscribed databases available via this list may only be accessed by authorised users, and for non-commercial, educational, and scholarly use. Please visit our Database A-Z licence conditions & disclaimer. for more information.