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Evidence-Based Management Library Guide: Finding books

Help from the Library for BUS1036 Evidence-Based Management (EBM)

Search for books using PRIMO

Where in the library...

...can you find a specific book?

At UCT Libraries, books are organized according to subject. Each subject (and sub-subject) is assigned a number. This number, which can be called a call number or a shelf number, is like a street address for a book. At UCT Libraries, because we use the Dewey Decimal System, this number can also be called the Dewey Number.

Here is where you will find the different Shelf Numbers in the Chancellor Oppenheimer (Main) Library:

  • 001-359 Upper level terrace starting next to Park 'n Read
  • 360-799 Upper level North, Undergraduate Wing
  • 800-999 Lower level (down the spiral stairs)

Loan rules

As an undergraduate student you can loan 6 books for 7 days. These can be renewed three times, unless they have been requested by another borrower.

Essay Writing Books

They are mostly in the basement (down the spiral staircase).

Try these:

How to look for books using Primo