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Adult Education Library Guide: Books

Guide to UCT Libraries for Adult Education students

Finding Books

Material in the library is arranged according to the Dewey Classification system.   Education material is generally found in the 370s range, but material on teaching specific subjects e,g, history, mathematics,  science, geography, art,  drama will be found on the shelves for those subject areas, including the branch libraries.       Books on adult education are generally found at 374.

 PRIMO is accessible from any where in the world via the library web page.    It will allow you to search for books (by author, title or subject), articles,journal titles, DVDs, and UCT dissertations amongst other resources.

The location gives the shelf number.  Prefixes indicate in which library the books will be found.  The prefixes DS and WH have been discontinued, but they will still be found on older material in the catalogue and on the spines of books.  Ignore these prefixes  -  only the shelf number is important.   However, where the prefix is WHJ or WHT these are discrete collections of education material for the Classroom Collection (WHJ),  and School Textbooks (WHT) which are shelved separately.

The prefix R means the book is reference and cannot be taken out.  BA indicates Special Collections and can only be consulted or photocopied.  Government Publications Library keeps all official government documents.  Their holdings are indicated by the prefix G.  Some of their materials are available for loan.     

E-Books are included in Aleph.