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Literature Review Survival Library Guide: Referencing and RefWorks

created by Alex D'Angelo

Referencing and RefWorks

Referencing and RefWorks


At any rate -  it is becoming clear that there is a lot of material out there and that you are going to be generating some monster reference lists.

If you insist on doing it all manually,  you can find a good guide to the Harvard UCT referencing style at this link and to Aditi Hunma's guide to other styles used in Humanities in the column to the right.

But to keep  to generate a pain-free bibliography it helps to know about  the magic of RefWorks to have your referencing all done for you with the click of a button.

 The University of Cape Town subscribes to RefWorks. You can open an account on it and store any references you find on our book catalogue or on our journal databases.

 Most of our journal databases allow you to save your references to RefWorks, you do not need to type them in by hand. You can also search our book catalogue from within RefWorks and download the book records to RefWorks.

 You can then download a subset of RefWorks called Write-N-Cite, which will live on the desktop of the PC on which you write your papers.

 Write-N-Cite does what its name implies - it allows you to cite as you type, by selecting the references from your RefWorks database. You can then generate a bibliography for your paper at the touch of a button, in any of a range of citation styles.

 RefWorks can be found under the RESEARCH HELP tab on the Library Home Page, or directly at

 There are good help files and tutorials on the RefWorks site, and the library staff in the Knowledge Commons,(the library’s own computer lab) are very good at helping people to use RefWorks.

 UCT staff and students can use RefWorks both on campus and off-campus (by logging in via EZProxy). RefWorks might ask you for a “group code” if you log in from off campus. Please call the Library Information Desk at 021 650 3703  for help with this.