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Economics Library Guide: Finding journals

Finding e-journals

There are several ways to look for journal articles:

  • If you are looking for a SPECIFIC article for which you have details, use the Primo
  • If you are looking for ANY journal articles on a topic or subject, use:

How to look for articles using Primo

How to find journal articles using Sabinet African Journals

How to find journal articles using EbscoHost

This slide show demonstrates how to find journal articles using EbscoHost.

How to search effectively

Where to find print journals

Print journals are organized in one sequence and split up according to years. Here’s where to find them:

  • The most recent ones are in the Current Journals display in the Upper Level of the Research Wing;
  • From 1965 to present are shelved as follows:
    • 001.305 SOU - 629.105 JOU ... Lower Level (down the spiral stairs). 
    • 629.105 JOU - 994.105 UNI... Basement Blocks E and F. 
  • Pre-1965 journals are housed in the Libraries' store on Middle Campus and must be requested at the Loans Desk.