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Social Development Library Guide: Databases & Finding Journal Articles

Social Development LibGuide

About Databases

Databases collect, organise and index information from journals, books, book chapters, theses, dissertations, magazines, newspapers and other sources.


UCT Libraries subscribe to many databases covering a wide range of subject areas. You can search a database by typing in keywords that describe your topic.  The database will provide you with information about journal articles and other materials on the topic, and may even link you to full text articles in our electronic journals. In some cases, though, the databases may just give a reference to the journal article or an abstract. 


You can access Databases A-Z by mousing over Search & Find on the Library homepage at


Social Development Journals


Journals are published every few weeks or months. They are academic magazines that contain articles on different topics. Journals are important for finding very up-to-date information, or very specific information on narrow topics. The great thing about journals nowadays is that so many of them are available electronically as well as in print.

Printed Journals

The latest unbound journals are kept on Jagger Level 6. The bound copies since 1965 are kept in the basement. Pre-1965 journals are kept in an off-campus store and can be requested from the Loans Desk. Use PRIMO to search for printed journals.

Electronic Journals

Electronic journals are full text journals to which UCT subscribes. They are useful because they are always available and because they can be searched by subject. Use PRIMO to search for journals online.