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Unpublished collections at UCT Libraries Special Collections: Some house rules and pointers

A brief introduction to some of the major collections of original manuscript material that are housed in the manuscripts and archives section of Special Collections.


Archival materials must be stored in a controlled climate to retard the degradation processes that threaten all heritage resources.



Professor Alex du Toit was one of the originators of the theory of continental drift. 

Read all about it in the Alex du Toit collection (BC722).


Here's what you need to know about handling our material

In order to ensure the longevity and usefulness of the material in our collections, kindly adhere to the following guidelines:


 ·       Do not bring food or drink into the reading room.

 ·       Please use pencils for note-taking.

 ·       Keep documents flat on the table; do not place any objects on them. Use foam rests or book pillows for heavy volumes.

 ·       Do not remove documents from folders, or change the order in which they are arranged.

 ·       Gloves will be provided for handling photographs.


 ·       Please bring only pencils, blank sheets of paper or note cards, and laptop computers into the reading room.


Prior permission must be requested for the use of digital cameras. The use of the flash is not permitted. Photographed materials are not to be posted to social media platforms.