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Vancouver Referencing Style @ UCT: Social media

Vancouver Referencing Style is extensively used in the biomedical and health sciences.

Social media


Wikipedia page:

Rule: The author for Wikipedia pages/entries is always Wikipedia contributors. The publisher is always Wikipedia,
          The Free Encyclopedia.” To see full bibliographic details such as the time when the page was last revised, click

          on the Cite this page” link which is found on the left hand side of the screen under the Tools option.


    Entry/page author. Title of the entry/page. Publisher; Date & time when the page was last revised [Date accessed]. 
    Available from: web address


  1. Wikipedia contributors. Autism therapies. Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia; 2014 Oct 18, 22:50 UTC
      [cited 2014 Oct 23].
Available  from:



 Podcast lecture on Vula:

    Name of the lecturer. Title of the lecture [podcast]. In: Course name and (code). Place of publication: Publisher; Date when the podcast was posted on vula [date accessed]. Available from: web address


    2. Fieggen K. Genetic predisposition to clotting disorders [podcast]. In: Integrated Health Systems Part II        (LAB3009H).  Cape Town: University of Cape Town; 2014 Sept 25 [cited 2014 Oct 23]. Available from: /site/4f2f9b34- e738-4145-a31a- 




Blog post:


   Author of posting. Title of contribution. Year month date of contribution. In: Author or editor of the blog. Title of the
   blog [Medium]. Blog publication date [Date accessed]. Available from: web address


     3. Reitan A. Pyschotherapy for paranoid schizophrenia. 2014 Oct 27. In: Lakhan S. Brain blogger. 2005 [cited 2014 Nov 07]. Available from: