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Social Development: Government Information: Library Guide: Older persons

A guide to finding government information for Social Development students.

Abuse of the elderly

South African Human Rights Commission. 2015. Investigative hearing report: investigative hearing into systematic complaints relating to the treatment of older persons.

South Africa. Dept. of Social Development.    Protocol on management of elder abuse /    [Pretoria :   Department of Social Development,   2006?]. G 68 E.SOCI.06.PROT

South Africa. Ministerial Committee on Abuse, Neglect and Ill-treatment of Older Persons.    Mothers and fathers of the nation :   the forgotten people?    [Pretoria?] :   Dept. of Social Development,   2001. G 68 E.SOCI.01.MOTH

South Africa. Dept. of Health. National guideline on prevention, early detection/identification and intervention of physical abuse of older persons at primary level.    Cape Town :   Government Communication and Information System,   2000. G 68 E.HEAL.00.NATI

National strategy on elder abuse : baseline document. --    [Pretoria? : Department of Health?, 2000?] G 68 E.HEAL.00.NATI


South African Older Persons Charter. --    Cape Town : South African Older Persons' Forum, [2011]. G 68 E.SOCI.11.SOUT


KwaZulu-Natal. Department of Human Settlements. Housing policy for the aged and disabled. 200-?

KwaZulu-Natal. Department of Human Settlements. Research report on the Housing policy for the aged and disabled

Policies and plans

South African policy for older persons. Pretoria :   Department of Social Development,   2002. Shelf no. G 68 E.SOCI.02.SOUT

South African Plan of Action on Ageing. Pretoria :   Department of Social Development,   2002.


Older Persons Act No. 13 of 2006

Regulations regarding Older Persons, South Africa. Government gazette No. 33075 (1 April 2010), Government notice no. R260. 

Social Assistance Act No. 13 of 2004

Regulations relating to the Application for and Payment of Social Assistance and the Requirements and Conditions in Respect of Eligibility for Social Assistance,  South Africa. Government Gazette No. 31356, (22 August 2008), Government notice no. R898, as amended. 

Find this legislation on Netlaw or Laws of South Africa: Consolidated Legislation.


Enquiry into the gendered lived experience of older persons living in conditions of poverty /    [Braamfontein, South Africa :   Commission on Gender Equality],   2005. G 68 E.GEND.05.ENQU

Human rights

South African Human Rights Commission. Human rights and older persons. Pretoria: South African Human Rights Commission, 201-?


Phaswana‐Mafuya N, Peltzer, K, Schneider M, Makiwane M, Zuma K, Ramlagan S, Tabane C, Davids A, Mbelle N, Matseke G & Phaweni K (2011). Study of Global Ageing and Adult Health (SAGE), South Africa 2007–2008. Geneva, World Health Organization. 2012.

Human Sciences Research Council. Study on global AGEing and adult health (SAGE) Wave 1: South Africa National Report. Pretoria: HSRC, November 2012.

South Africa. Department of Social Development. Final report : audit of residential facilities. Pretoria : Department of Social Development, April 2010.

South Africa. Department of Social Development. National report on the status of older persons, 1994-2002 :   report to the Second World Assembly on Ageing, Madrid, Spain, April 2002 : South Africa.    Pretoria :   Department of Social Development,   2002. G 68 E.SOCI.02.NATI

South Africa’s progress report on the implementation of the Madrid Plan of Action on Ageing

South African inputs in response to the questionnaire to assess the human rights implications of the implementation of the Madrid International Plan of Action on Ageing (MIPAA) August 2015.

Western Cape. Department of Social Development. An Evaluation of Service Centres for Older Persons in the Western Cape. Cape Town :  Department of Social Development, August 2015.


Statistics South Africa. Marginalised groups indicator report, 2018. Pretoria: Statistics South Africa, 2020. (Report No. 03-19-05 (2018))

Statistics South Africa. Thematic report: selected health indicators among the elderly: findings from the SADHS 2016, GHS 2016 and MACoD 2016.  Pretoria : Statistics South Africa, 2019. (Report no. 03-00-13)

Statistics South Africa. Grandparenthood in the context of ageing in South Africa. Pretoria : Statistics South Africa, 2018. (Report  03-00-12)

Statistics South Africa. Vulnerable Groups Series II: The Social Profile of Older Persons, 2011–2015. Pretoria : Statistics South Africa, 2017 (Report No. 03-19-03 (2011-2015)) Shelf no. G 68 A.SOCI.17.VULN

Statistics South Africa. Census 2011. Profile of older persons in South Africa. Pretoria : Statistics South Africa, 2014 (Report No. 03-01-60)

Statistics South Africa. Social profile of vulnerable groups in South Africa, 2002-2010. Pretoria : Statistics South Africa. (Report No. 03-19-00)

Statistics South Africa. Vulnerable groups indicator report, 20172016, 2015, 2014Pretoria : Statistics South Africa. (Report No. 13-09-02)

Oranje, Mark.    A comparative analysis of 1996 and 2001 census data on vulnerable and special target groups /    Pretoria :   The Presidency :   Department of Social Development,   2003. G 68 A.POPU.03.COMP