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EndNote Simplified (UCT): Start


Where should I start?... At the beginning of course!

Have a look at the videos below. They should get you started on your EndNote library. It tackles a wide range of EndNote's desktop and online components. The first video discusses the Windows version while the second one is for Mac users. 


  1. Save you "New Library" on your PC's hard drive, not on any cloud services (OneDrive, Google Drive, etc)
  2. Use EndNote's built in sharing tools to share your Library. Do not transfer the file via e-mail or USB
  3. Use groups and groupsets to organise your references.
  4. EndNote's Online Search Mode is limited. We suggest using Primo, Google Scholar & PubMed to find and import resources.
  5. If you have queries about Journal Titles & abbreviations, click on the Journal Abbreviations Tab above.

EndNote for Windows

EndNote for Mac