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EndNote Simplified (UCT): Saving & Backing Up


Backing Up your EndNote Library or Creating an Online Account is a great way to ensure that you library has an extended life should anything happen to your PC

 Furthermore, having a Back Up/Online Account assists you with the movement of your EndNote Library should you decide to change devices or if you work on multiple devices

Creating a backup

  Open EndNote X9 on your device and head to preferences..., see below: 


Click Enable Sync button. You can find this within the Sync item on the left (check the list).

Hit the Sign Up button. You'll be prompted to enter a registration e-mail. 

You may use your personal e-email or your UCT affiliated e-mail

Once you've completed all of the prompts, you will have created an EndNote Online Account! 

Any library additions, removals or edits will now be sent to your Back Up Library within the Cloud. Click the Sync Status... button to ensure all your data is being sent: