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Energy in South Africa, 1910-1993: Government Resources: Library Guide: Energy overview

A guide to Government sources of information in the Government Publications Department, covering the period from the Union to the end of apartheid.


South Africa Department of Environmental Planning and Energy. Annual report, 1978/1979.   Pretoria :   Govt. Printer,   1980. G 68 ED(PLAN)

Prior to the establishment of the Energy Branch in the Department of Mineral and Energy Affairs in 1980, the energy function was split between the Department of Environmental Planning and Energy, the Department of Industries and the Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs, formerly the Department of Commerce and Industries.

The State Oil Fund was established by the State Oil Fund Act 38 of 1977, as amended. Its name was changed to the Central Energy Fund (CEF) by the State Oil Fund Amendment Act 46 of 1985. The CEF group of companies included Soekor and Mossgas. Reports of the Auditor-General @ G 68 EA.CEFU

South Africa. Department of Mineral and Energy Affairs. Annual report, 1980-1995. Pretoria: Government Printer. Shelf no. G 68 ED.MINE

The National Energy Council was established by the Energy Act 42 of 1987 to co-ordinate energy affairs. The Council was dissolved in in terms of the Abolition of the National Energy Council Act 95 of 1991 and incorporated on 1 April 1992 as the Energy Branch of the Department of Mineral and Energy Affairs. Annual reports, 1987/1988-1991/1992 @ G 68 ES(ENER)


South Africa. Planning Advisory Council to the Prime Minister.    The Outlook for energy in South Africa :   a report for a Subsidiary Committee of the Prime Minister's Planning Advisory Council.    Pretoria :   Dept. of Planning and the Environment,   1977. G 68 E.PLAN.77.OUTL

Annual overviews

Good chronological overviews are in the Official year books of the Union of South Africa, 1917-1960 @ G 68 A.STAT and the Official yearbook of the Republic of South Africa, 1974 to date @ GR 968.05 SOUT


South African energy statistics, No. 1 (1950-1989). Pretoria : National Energy Council, 1990. G 68 A(ENER)

South African energy statistics, No. 2 (1950-1993). Pretoria : Department of Mineral and Energy Affairs, 1993. G 68 A(ENER)

ESKOM statistical yearbook. --    Johannesburg : ESKOM, 1987-1996. G 68 A(ESCOM)

Statistical yearbook / ESCOM. --    Johannesburg : Escom, 1985-1986. G 68 A(ESCOM)

South Africa. Electricity Supply Commission. Annual report / Electricity Supply Commission, South Africa. 1923/4-1986. G 68 ES(ESCOM)

The Eskom Heritage Website includes Annual and Statistical reports.

ESKOM annual report, 1987 to date. G 68 ES(ESCOM)

Electricity available for distribution = Elektrisiteit beskikbaar vir verspreiding. --    Pretoria : Dept. of Statistics, [1980?]-1996. Monthly. Apr. 1980-Nov. 1995. G 68 A(ELEC)STAT