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Energy in South Africa, 1910-1993: Government Resources: Library Guide: Legislation and Parliament

A guide to Government sources of information in the Government Publications Department, covering the period from the Union to the end of apartheid.


Bills are draft laws that are debated in Parliament and passed (or not) as Acts. Early Bills were published in the Government Gazettes. We have separate print versions of Bills from the 1970's onwards.

Debates / Hansard

The Parliamentary Debates/Hansard have the verbatim records of proceedings in Parliament. You can follow the proceedings on the Bills until they were passed as Acts. There may also be useful information in the Appropriation Bill/Budget debates of the relevant departments. The Questions and Replies may also have information.  Debates are @ G 68 D.ASSE for House of Assembly and  G 68 D.SENA for the Senate.


Acts are the laws passed by Parliament. When consolidated they are referred to as Statutes. The Acts are published in the Government Gazettes. We also have annual volumes of Acts.

Regulations and Government Notices are subsidiary legislation published by Government Departments in the Government Gazette. 


Select Committees were appointed by Parliament and made up of selected members of Parliament. They were able to collect evidence from members of the public and experts in their field. The Committees debated some Bills and important issues. They issued reports in the S.C. report series.

The Committees of the Whole House were committees that sat together in the main Houses of Parliament, usually to debate Bills. All members present made up the committee. They reported back verbally to the main Houses of Parliament, which report was recorded in the verbatim proceedings, i.e., the Debates/Hansard.

Relevant acts

Abolition of the Fuel Research Institute Act 30 of 1983.

Atomic Energy Act 35 of 1948, with amendments.

Atomic Energy Act 90 of 1967, with amendments.

Atomic Energy and Nuclear Installations (Licensing and Security) Amendment Act 39 of 1965.

Central Energy Fund (originally State Oil Fund) Act 38 of 1977, with amendments.

Coal Act 27 of 1922.

Coal Act 32 of 1983, with amendments.

Coal Resources Act 60 of 1985.

Electricity Act 42 of 1922, with amendments.

Electricity Act 40 of 1958, with amendments.

Electricity Act 41 of 1987, with amendments.

Electricity Supply Commission Loan Agreement Act 1 of 1951.

Energy Act 42 of 1987, with amendments.

Eskom Act 40 of 1987, with amendments.

Fuel Research Institute and Coal Act 36 of 1930, with amendments.

Fuel Research and Coal Act 35 of 1963, with amendments.

Liquid Fuel and Oil Act 49 of 1947, with amendments.

Non-Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction Act 87 of 1993.

Nuclear Energy Act 92 of 1982, with amendments.

Nuclear Energy Act 131 of 1993.

Nuclear Installations (Licensing and Security) Act 43 of 1963, with amendments.

Petroleum Products Act 120 of 1977.

Petroleum Products Act 72 of 1979, with amendments.

Available in print or online. Please ask for assistance.