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Historical Studies: Sugar: Government Resources: Library Guide: Cape of Good Hope Colony

Bibliographic and online government documents for the 2015 History research project on sugar.


C. 7-1881. Return of sugar imported

C. 4-1888. Return showing quantity of sugar imported during the last three years

C. 6-1888. Return showing quantity of sugar imported during April, May and June 1888

C. 9-1888. Memorandum in connection with a return of sugar imported from Natal, Mauritius and elsewhere

G. 55-1889. Manufacture of jams, preserves and confectionery under Rebate on Customs Duty on Sugar

A. 3-1903. Sugar Conference at Brussels, 5th March, 1902: translation of amended copy of Convention transmitted in a dispatch from the British delegates, and printed in Imperial Blue-book [C.d. 1003], March, 1902