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Historical Studies: Sugar: Government Resources: Library Guide: Natal Colony

Bibliographic and online government documents for the 2015 History research project on sugar.

British papers: correspondence

Copy of a despatch from Lieutenant-Governor Pine to his Grace the Duke of Newcastle, March 31, 1853, with enclosure of a memorial of the Provisional Committee of the Natal Sugar Company. Further correspondence relative to the settlement of Natal, pages 100-102. London: Her Majesty's Stationery Office, 1853. [1697] Print copy in Irish University Press Series of British Parliamentary Papers. Correspondence and other papers regarding affairs of Natal Colony and the Kaffir rebellion, 1852-75, pages 118-120. Colonies, Africa, 29. G 42 IUP.AFRI.29.

Copy of a despatch from the Duke of Newcastle to Lieut-Governor Pine, July 11, 1853, with enclosure of Extract of a Report from the Colonial Land and Emigration Commissioners to H. Merivale, dated 4th July 1853. Further correspondence relative to the settlement of Natal, pages 139. London: Her Majesty's Stationery Office, 1853. [1697] Print copy in Irish University Press Series of British Parliamentary Papers. Correspondence and other papers regarding affairs of Natal Colony and the Kaffir rebellion, 1852-75, pages 157. Colonies, Africa, 29. G 42 IUP.AFRI.29.

House of Commons Parliamentary papers

Colonies (sugar). Return showing the amount of sugar produced in and exported from British sugar-producing colonies for each of the years beginning January 1889 to 1894 inclusive. 1896 [C.7989] 

Papers relating to Her Majesty's colonial possessions, [2198, 2567, 2711-I, 2955-I, 3165-I, 3304-I, C. 415, C. 617, C. 2829, C. 3094, C. 7989.]

Search in the House of Commons Parliamentary Papers database by the Command paper number, e.g., 2198, C.415.

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Government journal

We have a few 1908 issues of the Natal agricultural journal. G 683 K.NATA. The National Library has issues from 1898 under the earlier title of Agricultural journal and mining record, until 1911. 


Natal papers

Consult Webb's Guide to the Official Records of the Colony of Natal. Pietermaritzburg: University of Natal Press, 1984. GR 328.683 WEBB.

For most Natal Colonial papers you will need to visit the National Library because our holdings are few. We have some of the Natal Blue Books, which contain statistical information, some Departmental Annual Reports, in which the Annual Reports of the Resident Magistrates have agricultural information, Government Gazettes from the 1880s in print and a full set on microfilm, Legislative Council papers from the 1890s, Debates (Hansard) and Acts.

A couple of examples that we have:

Morris, D. Fruits In: Circular Despatch from the Secretary of State for the Colonies, covering copies of extracts of the reports, especially relating to this Colony upon raw materials and certain other articles exhibited by the Colonies at the Indian and Colonial Exhibition. Natal Government Gazette, Vol. XL, No. 2285 (14 Feb. 1888), Government Notice No. 100, 1888, p. 107. G 683 G 

Immigration and Crown Lands Commission. Final report, Appendix B, Coast industries - Sugar. In: Natal Government Gazette, Vol. XLIV, No. 2589 (29 Nov. 1892), page 1536. G 683 G