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African Legislation : Library Guide: Zambia/Northern Rhodesia

Guide to legislation in print and online

Annual volumes

Northern Rhodesia government gazette. Ordinances : index to supplements containing ordinances for the years 1945-1952 &1962. Lusaka, Northern Rhodesia: Government Printer. Shelf no. G 6894 FLA

Banking and finance

Kanja, George M. (George Mpundu), author.    Understanding banking law in Zambia /    Claremont, Cape Town :   Juta Law,   2015. Shelf no. G 6894 FL.BANK.15.UNDE

Mwenda, Kenneth Kaoma, author.    Understanding securities law and regulation in Zambia /    Cape Town :   Juta,   2015. Shelf no. G 6894 FL.SECU.15.UNDE

Ng’ambi, Sangwani Patrick. Understanding investment law in Zambia. First edition. Cape Town: JUTA Law, 2017. Shelf no.  G 6894 FL.INVE.17.UNDE

Zambia.    Act no. 18 of 2000 :   date of assent, 25th August, 2000 : an Act to amend the Banking and Financial Services Act : 1st September, 2000.    [Lusaka :   Government Printer,   2000]. Shelf no. G 6894 FL.BANK.00.ACTN


Zambia. Technical Committee on Drafting the Zambian Constitution.    First Draft Constitution of the Republic of Zambia.    Lusaka :   Secretariat, Technical Committee on Drafting the Zambia Constitution,   [2012]. G 6894 FL.CONS.12.FIRS

Zambia. Constitutional Review Commission.    Draft constitution of the Republic of Zambia /    Lusaka, Zambia :   Secretariat, Constitution Review Commission ,   [2005]. G 6894 FB.CONS.05

Zambia.    The Constitution of Zambia Act, 1996.    Lusaka :   Govt. Printer,   [1996]. G 6894 FLA 17/1996

Zambia.    Constitution of Zambia (Amendment) Act, 1996.    Lusaka :   Govt. Printer,   [1996]. G 6894 FL.CONS.96


Zambia.    The Penal Code Act :   chapter 87 of the Laws of Zambia.    [Lusaka, Zambia :   Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace,   2002] G 6894 FL.PENA.02.PENA


Zambia.  The Persons with Disability Act No. 6 of 2012. Zambia?: Human Rights Commission, Zambia, 2013. Shelf no. G 6894 FL.DISA.13.PERS



Zambia.    The Privatisation Act :   (Chapter 386 of the Laws of Zambia) and Privatisation (Amendment) /    [Lusaka? :   Government Printer? ,   c1996?]. G 6894 FL.PRIV.96.PRIV


Electoral Commission of Zambia.    The electoral (code of conduct) regulations 2006.    [Lusaka?] :   Electoral Commission of Zambia,   [2006?] G 6894 FL.ELEC.06.ELEC

Government gazettes

Zambia. Government gazette, V. 11, nos. 57, 71, 85, 100, 115, 135 & 161 (1975) ; v. 12, no. 1 (1976) ; v. 36, no. 47 (2000) onwards (incomplete, scanty holdings). G 6894 G

Northern Rhodesia. Supplement to the Northern Rhodesia Government gazette. Ordinances, 1960 (incomplete), 1961 (incomplete) & 1963 (incomplete) Shelf no. G 6894 G.ORDI s.65/75a

Labour and employment

Ministry of Labour and Social Security. Zambia labour laws

Mwaba, Tresford K.    Understanding the Employment Act CAP 268 :   a practitioner's guide /    Lusaka :   M & M Management and Labour Consultants Ltd.,   c1999. G 6894 FL.EMPL.99.UNDE

Secondary legislation

ZambiaLii. Statutory Instruments of Zambia, 2003, 2005 onwards.


Laws of the Republic of Zambia. Consolidated edition including acts up to 2002. On the National Assembly of Zambia site, which also has the session Acts of Parliament from 1997 to date, plus various individual earlier acts, and the Bills.

Blackhall's Laws of Zambia. Includes some repealed acts. (open access)

ZambiaLii. Laws of Zambia.

The World Law Guide. Legislation Zambia

Session acts

Zambia. National Assembly. Acts of Parliament, from 2009 (incomplete), Includes odds and ends for other years, back to the 1910's.

ZambiaLii. Legislation as Enacted of Zambia, No. 35 of 1994, , No. 1 of 1997 onwards.

Zambia. Supplement to the Republic of Zambia Government gazette. Acts, 2005-2006. Lusaka : Government Printer. G 6894 G.ACTS

Session bills

Zambia. National Assembly. Bills, from 2009 onwards.


Northern Rhodesia. The laws of Northern Rhodesia. Rev. ed. Lusaka: Govt. Printer, 1948-1964. Library has volumes 2-8 (missing volume 1) Shelf no. G 6894 FLC

Zambia.    The laws of the Republic of Zambia :   1995 edition revised /    Lusaka, Zambia :   Ministry of Legal Affairs,   1998. G 6894 FLC.1995.REVI