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African Legislation : Library Guide: Gambia

Guide to legislation in print and online


Gambia.    The Constitution of the Republic of the Gambia, 1970 /    Banjul, Gambia :   Govt. Printer,   [1970?] Shelf no. G 6651 FL.CONS.70.CONS

Gambia.    A draft of a constitution for the Second Republic of the Gambia.    [Gambia? :   s.n.,   1997?]. Shelf no. G 6651 FL.CONS.97.DRAF

Government gazettes

Gambia.    The Gambia gazette.  Hoildings: Vol. 131, no. 1 (23 Jan. 2014) onwards.  Banjul :   Gov. Print. Off. Shelf no. G 6651 G

Gambia.    Legal notice :   supplement "A" to the Gambia gazette.  Holdings: Legal notice no. 1 of 2014 onwards.  [Gambia :   s.n.] Shelf no. G 6651 FLN

Political corruption

Gambia, enacting jurisdiction.    Gambia Anti-Corruption Commission Act, 2012.    Kanifing :   Gambia Printing & Publishing Corporation,   [2012] Shelf no. G 6651 FL.CORR.10.GAMB

Session laws

Gambia.    [Acts] :   supplement "C" to the Gambia gazette.  Holdings: Act no. 01 of 2013 onwards.  [Gambia :   s.n.] Shelf no. G 6651 FLA


Gambia.    Laws of the Gambia :   in force on the first day of September 2009.    Durban :   LexisNexis (Proprietary) Ltd. South Africa by the authority of the Government of The Gambia,   2009. Shelf no. G 6651 FLC.2009


Gambia.    Income and Sales Tax Act, no. 19 of 2004 /    [Gambia :   s.n.,   2004?] Shelf no. G 6651 FL.TAXA.04.INCO


Gambia.    Women Act, 2010 /    [Banjul, Gambia] :   Republic of the Gambia,   2010. Shelf no. G 6651 FL.WOME.10.WOME