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Health Sciences Undergraduate Library Guide

Components of a book reference

  • Surname followed by initial(s) comes first
  • List up to eight authors. If more than eight, list the first eight authors followed by 'et al.'
  • Then the date of publication
  • Title of book follows in italics. Only first word of title is capitalized
  • Indicate the edition if not the 1st edition
  • Finally record the place of publication and the publisher


Examples of  book references for a List of References:


Kornblau, B.L. 2012. Ethics in rehabilitation: a clinical

     perspective. New York: Wiley.


Polit, D.F. & Beck, C.T. 2012. Nursing research:

    generating and assessing evidence for nursing

    practice.  9th ed. Philadelphia: Wolters Kluwer



In List of References

Brenner, G.M. & Stevens, C.W. 2013. Pharmacology. 4th ed.

    Philadelphia, PA : Elsevier/Saunders.

    Available: [2014, May 6]. (You must give url and date accessed)


(Brenner & Stevens, 2013:50)



De la Rey, C.M. 1999. Career narratives of women professors in South Africa.

      Ph.D. Thesis. Universityof Cape Town.

     (Title not in italics as thesis is unpublished)

Corporate or group author

Book produced by a group, corporation or organization will appear as follows:

In List of References

Soweto Trust for Nurse Clinical Training. 2005.

     Primary clinical care handbook. 4th ed.

     Houghton, South Africa: Jacana.

In-text Citation

(Soweto Trust for Nurse Clinical Training, 2005:4)

No author?

Where there is no author (e.g. Dictionaries) item will be listed under title.

In List of References

“Radiation”.  Concise medical dictionary. 2010. 8th ed.
    Oxford: Oxford University Press.

In-text Citation

(“Radiation”, 2010:25)