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Health Sciences Undergraduate Library Guide

Citing Online Images

Online figures can include diagrams, photographs, maps, graphs or tables.  If you include any of these visuals in your paper, you must reference them properly and acknowledge your source.

If you include figures in your work, they should be numbered and labelled with captions. Captions should be very simple and descriptive and be followed by an in-text citation (author and date).

Give full details of the figure in your list of references, i.e  author (if known), title, date, type of figure or image, publisher or issuing body, url, date accessed.

Citing an image - Example


Figure 1. The EBM Triad (Florida State University, 2014)

Reference List


Florida State University. College of Medicine. 2014. The EBM Triad [image].

Available: [ 2014, May 6].

Citing a table or graph - Example


Table 2. Summary of nutrition indicators (UNICEF, 2014)

Reference List

United Nations Children’s Fund. 2014. Every child counts: the state of the world’s children 2014 in numbers [Table].

Available:  [2014, May 6].