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Health Sciences Undergraduate Library Guide

What is referencing?

Referencing is the standardised method of acknowledging the sources you have used in your assignments or written work. You need to include detailed information on sources consulted both within your text (in-text citation) and at the end of your work (reference list).

Why is it important to reference?

  • To avoid plagiarism
  • To help the reader find the original source if they wish.
  • Improves your writing skills.
  • Add authenticity to your argument.
  • Shows that you have read widely.

For more information on referencing please see this video:

The referencing information on this tab is based on the UCT Author-date Referencing style guide


Plagiarism means presenting someone else's work in any format as your own without appropriate acknowledgement of the author or its source. 

The following document gives more information on plagiarism, it explains UCT's plagiarism policy and explains how to avoid it:

Referencing - Harvard UCT (author-date)