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Health Sciences Undergraduate Library Guide: List of References

Points to remember for your reference list

  • At the end of your essay you should list all the books or articles that you have cited in that essay
  • Full details of all your sources should be given so that the reader can find them
  • List of references is arranged alphabetically by author, editor (abbreviate to 'Ed.') or by title (if there is no author or editor)
  • List up to seven authors, if there are more than seven, list the first six, followed by … and then the last author’s name.
  • You must indent the second and subsequent lines so that each entry is a hanging paragraph (see below). 


Example of  a list of references

Avolio, B. J., & Gardner, W. L. (2005). Authentic leadership development: Getting to the root of positive forms of leadership.

     The Leadership Quarterly, 16, 315-338.

Clements, L., & Reid, J. (2008). Disabled people and the right to life. London: Routledge.

Counts, C. S., &  American Nephrology Nurses' Association. (2008). Core curriculum for nephrology nursing. (5th ed.). Pitman, N.J:

      American Nephrology Nurses' Association.

Lancellotti, K. (2008). Culture care theory: A framework for expanding awareness of diversity and racism in nursing    

       education. Journal of Professional Nursing24, 179-183.       

Lissauer, T., Clayden, G., & Craft, A. (2012). Illustrated textbook of paediatrics. (4th ed.). Edinburgh: Mosby.

Lloyd, A. (2002). Theoretical analysis of the reality of children's rights in Africa: An introduction to the African Charter on the Rights

      and Welfare of the Child. African Human Rights Law Journal, 2, 11-32.

Zweigenthal, V., Puoane, T., Reynolds, L., London, L., Coetzee, D., Alperstein, M., ... Hutchings, C. (2009). Primary health

     care: Fresh perspectives. Cape Town: Pearson-Prentice  Hall. 



      To create a hanging indent in your List of References

  • first highlight the text you want to format
  • then right click and choose Paragraph
  • go to Special and choose Hanging in the drop down menu
  • click OK

See this short video on how to create a hanging indent in MSWord​