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Health Sciences Undergraduate Library Guide

eBooks from a research database

The reference list entry for an eBook should include the same elements as a print book, for example author, date, title and publisher. You don’t need to include the platform or database information. 


Author Surname, Initial(s)., & Author surname, Initial(s). (Year). Book title: Subtitle. Publisher. DOI (If there is one)


Rakel, D., Rakel, R. E., Rakel, R. E., & Rakel, D. (2016). Textbook of family medicine. Elsevier Inc. 

eBook with a DOI

What is a DOI?

A Digital Object Identifier, or DOI, is a unique code/series of numbers used to identify an electronic resource and provide a reliable link to its location online. A DOI looks similar to a URL but unlike URLs, which can change or stop working entirely, a DOI is a permanent link to a particular resource.

DOIs are formatted the same as URLs. You do not need to write "DOI."

DOI presentation

DOIs should be presented as follows:

Other DOI forms ( or DOI: 123.456.789) should be edited to conform to the above presentation.


Herbert, R., Mead, J., Chalmers, S., Hagen, K., & Jamtvedt, G. (2011). Practical evidence-based physiotherapy. Churchill


eBooks from the internet

Some eBooks are freely available on the internet, where anyone can access them. Include a URL for e-Books from other websites.


Kriegel, U (Ed.). (2020). Oxford Handbook of the Philosophy of Consciousness. Oxford University