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The Databases A-Z licence conditions & disclaimer.


The subscribed databases available via this list may only be accessed by Authorised Users*, and only for non-commercial, educational, and scholarly use. Ownership and copyright rest with the database producers. Access is provided with no warranty or liability for the accuracy of the data.

Authorised Users

  • Current UCT staff
  • Currently registered UCT students
  • UCT postdoctoral research fellows
  • UCT Council members
  • UCT emeritus professors
  • Honorary UCT staff members
  • Visiting researchers and lecturers attached to a UCT Department

Terms and Conditions

IMPORTANT: Please note that your use of these resources is governed by licence agreements. Terms and conditions for use include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Systematic downloading of articles or search results is forbidden.
  • Articles may be saved or printed for personal use only.
  • Users are not allowed to give full-text articles to a third party.
  • Users should familiarise themselves with the publishers’ terms and conditions before downloading.

Please contact the Subscriptions Librarian Jillian Clark at UCT Libraries for specific details of licence conditions.

Subscriptions Librarian