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Education Library Guide: Foundation Phase

A guide for Education students

Resources in UCT Libraries

UCT Libraries carries a range of resources for Foundation Phase teaching.    These are found in the Chancellor Oppenheimer Library, Special Collections, Government Publications,  Music and Hiddingh Hall Library.     

These resources include:-

  • School Text Book Collection  (Grade R - Grade 12)   (prefix WHT)
  • Classroom Collection containing mostly juvenile non-fiction material for lesson planning, and teaching practice.   (prefix WHJ)
  • International Institute for Educational Planning (IIEP)-Unesco publications (we are a deposit library)
  • South African Children’s Literature Collection (in Special Collections  -  Not for Loan)
  • DVDs and Videos including support material for teaching practice
  • Masters/Doctoral Theses  (mostly online)
  • Documents including Legislation, Policy, Annual Reports, Statistics,  and other documents published by the Department of Education and some education government related documents published by countries (mostly African) and institutions (in the Government Publications Library).
  • A range of electronic resources including databases and online books.

 One needs to use the online catalogue to see what there is, where it is, and whether it is available for loan.

  • Typical keywords to use when searching the catalogue include Kindergarten;  Early Childhood Education;  Reception Class;  Preschool Education; Young Children;  Pre-school Children;  School Readiness;  Child Development; 


Useful Shelf numbers

Useful Shelf Numbers:

027.8   School Libraries

028.5   Children and Books

028.53  Reading


108.3   Philosophy and Children

155.4   Child Psychology  (includes Play)


305.231  Childhood (including Child Development; Sociology; Childhood Studies)

306.43  Sociology of Education

306.874  Child-Parent Relations


323.352  Children’s Rights

353.536  Government Programmes


370  Education

370.1  Philosophy and Theory

370.968  Education in South Africa

371  Schools and their activities


372  Elementary education

372.21  Early Childhood Education  -  Foundation phase/kindergarten (including Play)

372.4   Reading

372.5  Creative and manual arts

372.6   Language Arts

372.7   Mathematics

372.84  Religion

372.87  Music

375  Curricula


613.04332  Children’s Health

613.7042  Physical Fitness


741.642  Children’s Books illustrations

743.45  Children’s  Drawings

782.42083   Children’s Songs


790.1922  Recreation

793.01922  Indoor Recreation

796.083  Outdoor Recreation


808.89282071  Children’s Literature

809.93354  History and Criticism

Useful Databases