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Poverty in South Africa: Government Resources: Library Guide: Home


Statistics South Africa. Poverty Mapping in South Africa: Applying small area estimation techniques using IES 2010/11 and Census 2011. Pretoria: Statistics South Africa, World Bank, 2018. (Report No. 03-10-00 (2018)) 

Statistics South Africa. National poverty lines, 2019. Pretoria: Statistics South Africa, July 2019. (Statistical release P0310.1)

World Bank, South Africa. Department of Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation. National Planning Commission Secretariat, Statistics South Africa. Overcoming poverty and inequality in South Africa: an assessment of drivers, constraints and opportunities. Washington DC : The World Bank, March 2018. Shelf no. G 68 E.PLAN.18.OVER


Short reviews

South Africa. Presidency, author.    Twenty year review :   South Africa, 1994 - 2014, 3.2.1. Income, poverty and inequality & 3.3.2. Social protection measures.    [Pretoria :   The Presidency,   2014]. G 68 E.PRES.14.TWEN

South Africa. Presidency, author. Twenty year review : South Africa, 1994-2014. Background paper: income, poverty and inequality. [Pretoria :   The Presidency,   2014].


The key government agencies involved in efforts to alleviate and iradicate poverty are:

The Presidency

Department of Social Development

South African Social Security Agency (SASSA)

National Development Agency (NDA)

These agencies publish regular annual reports, annual performance plans and strategic plans. Please ask the librarians if you wish to consult them.