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Cape of Good Hope Colony: Government Publications: Library Guide: Government Gazette

Guide to the publications of the Cape of Good Hope Colony


We have a complete set of microfilm Cape of Good Hope gazettes. Shelf no. GZA 682 G.


In print: 

Biannual - January-June 1882, July-December 1885, July-December 1889, January-June 1896, January-June 1905, January-June 1906, July-December 1908.

Consolidated -

Cape of Good Hope (Colony)    Index to the principal proclamations and notices appearing in the Government gazettes of the Cape of Good Hope between 1st July, 1881, and 30th June, 1891.    Cape Town :   W.A. Richards & Sons, Government Printers,   1891. Shelf no. G 682 G

Cape of Good Hope (Colony)    Index of government proclamations and notices, from 1803 to 1881.    Cape Town :   W.A. Richards, Government Printers,   [1882?] Shelf no. G 682 G


1803-1881, 1881-1891, 1891-1903, 1881-1909. Shelf no. GZB 682 G

Print holdings

Cape Town gazette and African advertiser = Kaapsche stadscourant en Afrikaansche berigter, 1800-1801.

None published for 1802.

Kaapsche courant, 1803-1806.

Cape Town gazette and African advertiser, 1806-1826.

Government gazette, 1826-1910

Shelf no. G 682 G

Missing: 1805, 1807, January-June 1835, 1854, 1872, January-June 1893, July-December 1894, January-June 1895, July-December 1896,


In World Newspaper Archive:

The Cape Town gazette and African advertiser =   Kaapsche Stads courant en Afrikaansche berigter/Kaapsche courant/ The Cape of Good Hope Government Gazette, August 1800-May 1829.