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South African Government Policy: Library Guide: Home

Bibliographic records and links of South African government policies, plans and strategies

Policy documents list, 1994-2013


South Africa.  Department of Mineral Resources and Energy. Discussion document: artisanal and small--scale mining policy, 2021. Pretoria: Government Printing Works, 5 May 2021. 

South Africa. Department of Home Affairs. Green paper on marriages: public consultation version, 20 April 2021. Pretoria: Government Printing Works, 4 May 2021.

South Africa. Department of Communications and Digital Technologies. Draft National Policy on Data and Cloud. Pretoria: Government Printing Works, 1 April 2021.

South Africa. Department of Forestry, Fisheries and the Environment. Antarctica and Southern Ocean Strategy (ASOS). Pretoria: Government Printer, 19 March 2021. 

South Africa. National action plan on women, peace and security, 2020-2025: South Africa. Pretoria: Department of International Relations and Cooperation, 2020. (Released March 2021.)

South Africa. Department of Higher Education and Training. National Policy on Students and Community Support Services for Community Education and Training Colleges. Pretoria: Department of Higher Education and Training, March 2021.

South Africa. Department of Environment, Forestry and Fisheries. South Africa’s National Biodiversity Framework, 2019-2024. Pretoria: Government Printer, 5 March 2021.

South Africa. Department of Health. COVID-19: Vaccine Strategy. 3 January 2021.



This guide is a WORK IN PROGRESS. Most of the recent policies have been published online only so they will not appear in the library catalogue.  Please request a page for your topic if it is not covered.

Please e-mail me when there are BROKEN LINKS, so that I may fix them.


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