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ORCID: ORCID overview

This page intends to provide basic information on ORCID iDs. It also provides basic guidance on registering for an ORCID iDs and how to link them to your institution.

Quick information

What ina golden sphere are ORCID iDs?

  • ORCID iDs are 16 digit unique and persistent identifiers for researchers & scholars.
  • They can be used in any institution through out a researcher's career life.
  • They are interoperable across systems of publishers, funding organizations and research institutions.
  • They are non-proprietary IDs provided to researchers freely by ORCID.

ORCID is an acronym for "Open Researcher and Contributor IDentifier"

ORCID is a research community-driven organization that provides:

  • a registry of unique identifiers (ORCID iDs) for researchers & scholars,  
  • a researcher biography platform for each ORCID iDs.

should I use ORCID iDs?

  • to disambiguate yourself from peer researchers with the same or similar names,
  • to gather the published variations of an author's names under one ORCID iD,
  • to ensure your research outputs and activities are correctly attributed to you,
  • to reliably and easily connect you with your contributions and affiliations,
  • to improve recognition and discoverability of you and your research outputs by:
    • funding organizations,
    • publishers,
    • institutions,
    • potential collaborators,
    • anyone interested in your research activities,
  • to simplify application processes whenever needed.

to get full benefit of using ORCID iDs

  • Register for an ORCID iD.
  • Link it to your institution, in this case University of Cape Town.
  • Use your ORCID iD in your:
    • institutional profile page,
    • research outputs when submitting to publish,
    • email signature,
    • conference presentation,
    • media stories,
    • CV,
    • anywhere you have a public profile.

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