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Systematic Reviews : Screening

A brief guide on how to conduct a systematic review.

Screening tools

Screening is a two-part process in which you determine whether each individual article meets your inclusion criteria, and therefore should be included in your review. By using screening tools this will allow a more effective and efficient way of moving forward.


Rayyan is a free web-tool designed to help researchers working on systematic reviews and other knowledge synthesis projects. It can help you dramatically speed up the process of screening and selecting studies. There is no limit to the number of records uploaded or number of reviewers on Rayyan.

The video below will guide you on the basics of how to do a systematic review of related literature using Rayyan meta-analysis software to accelerate your literature reviews.


Covidence is a web-based software platform that streamlines the production of systematic reviews and other research reviews that require screening citations and full text, assessing risk of bias, or extracting study characteristics and outcomes. Covidence is a paid service but provides a free trial up to 500 records, and allows you to invite one additional reviewer.

  1. Citation screening
  2. Full text review
  3. Risk of Bias assessment
  4. Extraction of study characteristics and outcomes
  5. Export of data and references